Moleskine company again tried to cross the digital and paper notebooks – Smart Writing Set


The Italian company Moleskine is known worldwide for its high-quality stationery, and in particular – notepads and sketchbooks. Seeing that digital technologies are beginning to crowd out pen and paper of our lives, the Moleskine experts have decided to create a paper notebook, which could keep all records and sketches, for example, in the memory pen or mobile gadget. As a result, appeared set Smart Writing Set.

Smart Writing Set includes a smart pen Neo Pen + produced by Korean company NeoLab, with built-in video camera in it, a special notebook with rounded edges, resembling tablet and mobile app companion for iOS (in the case of Android will have to use an alternative software). Pages of the notepad covered with special tiny labels that make smart pen will know exactly where on the page entry is made. Every line, every detail will be carefully entered in the pen memory, and then, by pressing the special symbol “envelope” in the corner of the page, be transferred to the mobile device. The pen is capable to store up to 1,000 pages.


Not all people like to write and draw with a special stylus on the screen of their gadgets. Still, drawing on paper has its own charm, like reading paper books instead of their digital copies. This is what Moleskine made emphasis at. We cannot say that this is the first attempt of the Italian company to overcome the barrier between the “old school” and the generation of technological progress. Previously it has been Livescribe project, which also involved a pen with a built-in camera, and before the company has cooperated with Evernote and even with Adobe. But these initiatives have not yielded any results.

And everything seems to be fine. The handwriting is automatically converted into a digital application, and you can paint your sketches on the screen of the smartphone or tablet with your fingertips, but the main obstacle to the success of Smart Writing Set project could be its price. It will cost $199, and every new notebook with the special markup pages will cost you an additional $29. Given the current dollar exchange rate, it is much easier to buy the mountain of conventional notebooks, and in the evenings simply scan your sketches with the help of good old scanner.