The Musketeers 2 season release date premiere 2015

The Musketeers 2 season release date premiere 2015
Continued adventure saga of four friends Musketeers, who have served at the court of the French king is scheduled for January 2015.

When will The Musketeers 2 season premiere date?

Release date: January 2015

About Ā«The Musketeers 2 seasonĀ»

It is at this time of the season scheduled to run 2 Czech-English series “The Musketeers”, in which the brave soldiers will again be many dangers lie in wait, and the musketeers themselves become witnesses of court intrigues, in which involved almost all members of the ruling aristocracy of France. It is worth noting that the announced season 2 “Musketeers” back in February of this year, but due to the complexity of the shooting process, viewers will be able to see it no earlier than in the winter of 2015, noted in an interview with the creators of the series.

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