The new Audi RS5 2017 – even more powerful and dynamic

Among the many novelties of the Geneva Spring Automobile Show, a new Audi RS5 Coupe has emerged on several points at once. Dynamic novelty has bypassed its main territorial competitors in many ways.

By the power characteristics, RS5 surpasses even the BMW M4, and by the price – all three competitors. RS5 is the most expensive German car of the Gran Turismo class. Let’s see what justifies such a price championship.

Looking at all the Audi models, you understand which brand they belongs to, even if the bodywork completely lacked badges and labels.

Designers, improving their creations from year to year, manage not to lose this recognizable raisin, corporate style.

High aerodynamic qualities should demonstrate a car with such elaboration of details. Throughout the body are ribs and hollows that lower the resistance and affect the speed and clamping force of the Audi RS5 Coupe.

The front bumper, which dissipates air streams, received wide slots, a powerful false radiator grille and a spectacular sports style. The same element of black color is repeated on the rear bumper, on the thresholds in the form of linings made of carbon and a completely carbon-fiber roof. The sporty style is also emphasized by the company headlights and two wide outlets for the exhaust pipes.

The sharp and dynamic Audi RS5 looks powerful and attractive in any color design. And the brand color of the model is a bright red, almost fiery color.

In the cabin follows the continuation of the sport extravaganza from Audi. And the wheel and armchairs are the first to make this clear.

Compact multifunction steering wheel, undercut from the bottom, is covered with leather Alcantara in the top version of the car. Front seats with cast headrests have the form inherent in sports cars or race cars, but more stylized as a civilian operation.

The instrument panel of Audi RS 5 Coupe is equipped with digital display indicators of speedometer, tachometer and other sensors. The control screen of the on-board computer and multimedia system seems to be placed on the front panel, it looks a bit strange, but considering its level in relation to the driver’s view – very convenient. While driving, there’s no need to lower your eyes, find the screen at the level of visibility of the road.

The base price for the Audi RS5 is set at 80,900 Euros for the European market. It is more expensive by almost 4000 than the BMW M4 offers and 5000 more expensive than the Lexus RC F.

And in addition to these 80,900 it will be necessary to pay extra for the charms of decor and equipment, which is a bit distressing.