New graphical editor Pixelmator for iPhone will be released in 2016


Lovers of photography, collages and correct selfies and will get a new graphical editor for the iPhone, which will be released in 2016. At the moment, the editor can be used on Mac notebooks, as well as iPad tablets. New graphical editor Pixelmator has become an updated version of the familiar editor, but adapted for the iPhone capabilities. Here the users will be offered not only everything they need to create drawings and photo processing, change and improve any image formats.

Updated Pixelmator allow free drawing, making sketch, as well as transfer them to Mac and iPad without complex technical work, translate the files in the Adobe Photoshop platform.


With regard to the future premiere of a new application for iPhone today’s software for iPad is already available for sale at a significant discount, which cannot but rejoice tablet owners – editor fell by 50%! In addition, all are encouraged by the fact that when buying Pixelmator for a tablet one can immediately receive an automatic way also app for iPhone when it enters the market.