No Man’s Sky

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No Man’s Sky is a game dedicated to the exploration and survival in infinitely generated universe.

Key features:

  • A truly open game universe

A mountain located in the distance, a planet rising above the horizon or a star shining in the sky. You can get anywhere. The order of visits of various places, as well as speed of movement between the objects – it all depends on you.

  • Each new study will promise you new sensations

While traveling through uncharted solar systems, you will encounter new types of landscape and previously unknown life forms. Each planet is unique. Find ancient artifacts: maybe with their help you can learn the mysteries of the universe. Decide whether to share your findings with the other players. After all, they are also engaged in the research of the universe and the glory does not happen much.


  • Survive on the dangerous border

The dangers are waiting for you everywhere: in the solar system, planets, caves or the ocean. Your ship and your suit are vulnerable, and the enemies will not leave you on the surface of the planet and beyond. Be ready to fight at any moment. Because of one mistake you can lose everything. Every victory and every defeat in the world of No Man’s Sky are permanent.

  • Become the creator of your epic adventure

Journey, where you have to go, it is not going to be easy. First, you will need to get ready. Gather precious resources and change them for the ships, costumes and equipment that will be useful to you in the future for the development of the vast expanses of space.

The game is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015.