Noir adventure Blues And Bullets got the release date


Blues of the rotten city

Blues And Bullets, an action-adventure game with felt hats, long coats and blues, will be released on July 23. More precisely: the first episode of the game on the PC will be released on July 23, while the console game gets later and, apparently, will includ all the episodes of the first season. And here is the new trailer for the game that is based on its unfinished version. The revision, which will fall into the hands of players, according to the creators, “will look even better“:


The episodic format in video games is becoming more popular. And if until recently only creators of interactive movies dared to issue series, but now “episodization” begins to cover other genres. A fresh example of this – the noir action Blues And Bullets.

According to the developers from the studio A Crowd of Monsters, working on the game, Elliot Ness, the agent of the US Treasury, who has managed to plant behind bars the famous gangster Al Capone, retired and opened a quiet bar Blues And Bullets in Santa Esperanza. As it should be according to the laws of the genre, this town is full of sadness, despair and, of course, corruption.

One day, the dark past catches up with the hero ©. Someone has stolen Capone, and ironically Ness is the only one whom his sworn enemy can entrust his rescue. After Ness agrees to help a gangster in search of an abducted child, he immediately gets caught up in the investigation of heinous crimes, undercover intrigues and shooting in dark alleys.


Made in black and white with accents of red tones, Blues And Bullets, in addition to third-party shooting offers the player to seek evidence at the crime scenes, take part in conversations with “branched” dialogues and build “spider’s web” of the investigation if the collected evidence.