OS X 10.10 Syrah – the Release Date of the New Apple OS is Scheduled for 2015


Apple is developing a completely new version of its operating system «X», «X 10.10» – «Syrah». Many resources have confirmed this fact: they showed screenshots that show the OS available to employees of Apple corporation. If we follow the order of their arrangement the table, it becomes clear that the «Syrah» will be developed, according to their order, after the «Mavericks».

Testing of the new system has already been carried by employees of Apple using it within the corporation. Proof of this are recorded pageviews of some resources from the computers with OS X 10.10. It was supposed to be released as early as last year, but users are still waiting for it.


It is believed that the interface will change: in order to make it similar to the iOS 7. It is possible that the name of the new operating system will change. The innovations are listed below:

  • will be used strict color palette of the interface, similar to the style of iOS 7;
  • system will be optimized;
  • the voice assistant Siri will be there for sure;
  • AppStore will change;
  • new smart camera.