PC Version of GTA 5 Has Been Put off Till the End of March


Wow, this has finally happened! Release of GTA 5 on PC is postponed till the 24th of March. Rockstar gave as a reason that they need few more weeks to polish the final PC-version.

This were the last bad news. Here come the good ones. GTA Online (including Heist mode) will be released on РС together with GTA 5, and it will allow 30 users within one game session. Cooperative Heist mode will be released on the consoles in few weeks, but prior to the PC-version release.


Key features:

  • The largest open-world game in the Grand Theft Auto series covering a variety of cultural and geographical areas. From the very beginning of the game Grand Theft Auto 5 world is open for research.
  • Three protagonists: Michael, Franklin and Trevor live in different parts of the city, differ in their outlooks, desires and goals, but are able to work as a team.
  • One can get away with petty crimes, thefts and car thefts for so long only in Los Santos. To succeed, Michael, Franklin and Trevor together will arrange a big robbery – complex missions requiring careful preparation and precise execution.