Polyera announced flexible display bracelet Wove Band


The company Polyera announced Wove Band, a flexible display that can be wrapped around the wrist. The development of the device took 10 years. It is expected that the product will go on massive sale in the middle of 2016.

Most attempts to create flexible displays have relied on traditional electronics materials such as silicon deposited on plastic substrates. This approach allows the creation of products with fixed curved screens. However, the fragility of the layers of parts makes them unsuitable for use in products that should have dynamic flexibility, which is characterized by Wove Band, – said in the Polyera statement.

Display of Wove Band is a little different from other devices’ displays. Using proprietary Digital Fabric and films based on electronic ink allows display to always be in the ON state.

According to PC Magazine, the device will be available for developers in the end of September. All others will be able to purchase the product not until the middle of next year.


The popularity of flexible displays is growing, as companies are increasingly using them in their products. A good example of this is the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Edge. The only difference is that users can flex the display of Wove Band themselves, while smartphone’s display is bent by the manufacturer and fixed in one position.

Polyera says that the main goal was not to create a flexible display, but a device which can be folded together with e-filling hidden in it. At the same time such a device has to be designed for everyday use.

At this stage, Wove Band uses a black-and-white display. In the future, Polyera is going to apply its technology to OLED-panel, creating a full-color display for multimedia devices.