Porsche Panamera will appear in summer 2016


Four-door coupe by Porsche, which was called Panamera, expects an update. The release of the second generation of the car is prepared for the spring-summer of next (2016) year.

It is noteworthy that there is not much information about the upcoming event at the moment. Information regarding the characteristics and innovations in cars has not yet been granted. At the same time, Porsche pleased potential buyers of the car with other details.


For example, a car Panamera will get just three modifications. Inside, each of them can boast an expressive and remarkable design. As for other data, presumably, Porsche Panamera is able to accelerate to a speed that can score three hundred horses together.

Release date of a new car is expected in early 2016. Which country will have the opportunity to try out the first performance of the car, has not yet been announced. In any case, the information about the upcoming release of Porsche Panamera will be added in the nearest future.