Practical Magic


Has been released the long-awaited trailer for the television series BBC One “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” – the film adaptation of the bestseller of the same name and an instant classic of the fantasy genre by Suzanne Clark.


At the beginning of the XIX century, the magic in the UK went into the final section of theoretical courses, and local wizards of scientific societies generally read each other’s lectures about the history of the lost craft and shift pieces of paper in the archives. This marshy environment persists as long as Mr Norrell (Eddie Marsan) settles in London and began to work with a local high society and the Government. He is an unpleasant reclusive gentleman from impassable province, who has developed in himsekf a seemingly dead science.

“Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” will consist of seven episodes. According to rumors, the budget of the series will be almost a record for the flagship product of the British television. The premiere will be held in May on BBC One.