Project Runway Season 14


The theme of the show Project Runway is fashion design. The participants are young designers. They compete with each other, creating the best outfit in certain time of certain materials on a particular topic. Initially, in every season of Project Runway participate 12 young fashion designers. In each episode one of them leave, and in the final contest take part only three participants. Task of each competition (within the boundaries of a single episode) requires designers to create a costume of one or more subjects. At the end of the episode outfit is showed by a model on the catwalk. Produced outfits are evaluated by judges and a host, supermodel Heidi Klum.


During the period of show designers live in isolation from the outside world, separated by gender groups. Project participants are prohibited to leave the place of residence, to join the unauthorized contact with friends and family or to use the Internet without permission. Designers are also forbidden to carry any instructional books on design and sewing.

The final winner is selected by judges and receive 100 thousand dollars to start own clothing line, a spread in a fashion magazine, and a contract with the agency representing the interests of designers (in several seasons one of the prizes was a car).

Release of the season 14 is expected in late July.