Queen of the Desert release date – January 1, 2016


New film biography Queen of the Desert with contemporary Hollywood star Nicole Kidman tells the story of Gertrude Bell, one of the most famous women of her time. Educated and refined lady, passionate traveler and erudite scholar of the Eastern Desert, Ms. Bell preferred the dangerous adventures and discoveries to relaxed and sleepy humdrum life.


Reaching the position of the British government’s representative in the Middle East, the heroine has become one of the greatest ambassadors in history. In addition, Gertrude was an indefatigable archaeologist, cartographer, and an incredibly beautiful woman, who conquered many hearts. Without fear of the desert heat and the dangers, Briton studies the lives of local people, paying attention not only to tradition, but also to thinking, language and psychology of the natives.

No less famous Briton Lawrence of Arabia helped the heroine of the film with her tireless research work had a great influence on politics and the global position of the British Empire. Two outstanding personality, great passion and great minds – what will this unique alliance lead to? We learn of this on January 1, 2016.