Release date of cartoon Minions in 2015


The worldwide premiere of the animated film Minion will take place on July 10, 2015. Initially, its release was planned for December 19, 2014, but for unknown reasons, the date was moved for later. This is a prequel and spin-off to the family animated comedy Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Viewers will learn how minions appear and what kind of creatures they are. Full-length animated film with a lot of jokes and with great graphics from the studio Illumination Entertainment is doomed to success.


It turns out, minions live on our planet since time immemorial. Once they were single-celled organisms, but then in the course of evolution have become cute and funny creatures, whose purpose was to serve somehow to the most notorious villains. They did it with special zeal, from which the attackers died. So was the unenviable fate of Count Dracula and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Without reflection, minions have decided to settle in Antarctica, in the inhospitable place on earth to be fenced off from the world. Life in the eternal ice and snow did not benefit to yellow creatures.


The absence of the owner and part-time super criminal brought minions to depression, so Kevin, whom we have already seen in the second part of Despicable Me 2, and two companions in the early 1960s, went to look for a new owner. The search led them to the villainous conference where they will compete for the right to become the servants of Scarlet Overkill, who wants to take over the world. Whether the queen of evil will select minions as her assistants will be known no earlier than 10 July 2015.


  • Scarlet Overkill – Sandra Bullock
  • Herb Overkill, inventor, husband of Scarlett – Jon Hamm
  • Villain-sumo wrestler – Hiroyuki Sanada.
  • Voice of minions – Chris Renaud.
  • Clown Lunetti – Ramona Gilmour-Darling.

To watch

This animated movie will appeal not only to children but also to adults. He will give the audience a good mood. The creators and critics recommend it for family viewing. It is impossible to remain indifferent to these cute and funny creatures.