Release of Windows 10 for smartphones will not be held this summer


Despite the fact that Microsoft is going to release a new operating system Windows 10 for PCs this summer, mobile version of the new OS will be ready a little bit later. Speaking at the conference Build, held in San Francisco (USA), Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president and manager of Windows Phone in Microsoft, shared his plans for the launch of Windows 10.

We should not be surprised that Microsoft is about to launch Windows 10 on mobile devices after its release on the PC. In addition, on the basis of Balfiore’s statements, we should expect to see at least one new smartphone of Lumia line, which, again, will not be released until the release of Windows 10 on PC. After all, a similar situation was with Windows 8.1, supplies of which for personal computers began somewhat earlier then for mobile devices. The new OS is going to continue this trend.

Joe Belfiore Windows 10 on Lumia 1520

In addition to statements of the plans for the production of a new phone, a representative of Microsoft noted that some features of Windows 10 will not be available by the time of its release. Exactly how many features will not be available immediately, Belfiore did not elaborate, but he said that adding these features will start in summer and increase by autumn this year. One of these functions, for example, is to support the new browser Microsoft Edge (nee Spartan). Given its absence of integration with Skype in the current version of the build, we will not see support for early autumn.

The company has not yet decided on a specific release date for Windows 10, as it is still in the stage of its choice.