Relese date I Am Legend Part 2 premiere date 2015

Relese date I Am Legend Part 2 premiere date 2015
Relese date I Am Legend Part 2 is still unclear. Since the release of the film “I Am Legend” took 7 years, and rumors of a possible sequel and not confirmed. Will filmed a sequel in the near future?

About the I Am Legend

It was assumed that after the first part, will the second telling of the destruction of human civilization. On the plot are known only to the items, for example, the protagonist of the film would have been Robert Neville (which could easily be played by Will Smith).

When will I Am Legend 2 start / premiere date?

Release date: According to rumors, 2015

It’s hard to say why the film did not come out 2-3 years ago. Perhaps the popularity of films describing events in a post apocalyptic world was asleep, and may disagreement on the stage set of actors. In any case, at the moment there is no continuation, no official confirmation of the preparations for the shooting of this picture.

On that note about the sequel could have been forgotten if not for the success of the first film: with a rather modest at the time the budget, the film grossed about $ 600 million. Dollars in worldwide box office. Likely to subside until the public interest in the movie superhero comic book, the script (if he is ready, of course) picture “I Am Legend 2” and will gather dust on the far shelf.
On the other hand, the film promises to be a success, in the event, but because sooner or later, Warner Brothers will begin shooting this film, as to miss such an opportunity would be a crime. The question is whether the film viewer’s interest, in 8-10 years, after the release of the first picture?
At the moment, the fate of the picture is foggy, and talk about the timing of exit early. Even when filming will begin this year (which is unlikely), the sequel will be released no earlier than 2016.

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