Ridley Scott wtill shoot new film about Aliens

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The unexpected news came from Hollywood. Director Ridley Scott announced the start of work on his new film, to be called not Prometheus 2, as many had expected, but Alien: Covenant. The movie will become an integral part of the universe of Alien, which certainly will please fans of the original series, which have been somewhat disappointed by the contents of Prometheus.

During the AFI Film Festival, Ridley Scott informed the press that his new picture will change its name to Alien: Covenant. In preparation for filming Prometheus 2, scenario has undergone a great number of changes and replaced some working titles. Word of the director confirmed the official Twitter-account of 20th Century Fox studio, which, among other things, unveiled the release date of the picture on the big screen. Alien: Covenant will be released in October, 2017.


Many hope that after not very successful Prometheus, Ridley Scott changed his mind and finally would give fans what they’ve been waiting from him. We remind you that not so long ago director Neil Blokamp, ​​famous for his movies District №9 and Chappie, announced the beginning of work on the official continuation of the Alien series with Sigourney Weaver. However, recently the director wrote in his Twitter that for some time has to suspend work on the project, to enable the release of Ridley Scott’s next film. As it turned out, Neil was aware that Scott decided to return to the franchise that made him famous in 1979.

If you believe the leak of information published on fan sites, the plot of Alien: Covenant will be the second chapter in the prequel trilogy, the original Alien (the first chapter, whether we like it or not, will remain Prometheus). In the story of the picture, the Earth ship-colony Covenant in a remote corner of the galaxy runs into a completely unknown world, which at first seems a paradise for travelers. The only living person on the planet is synthetics David, familiar to us from Prometheus (played by actor Michael Fassbender). That’s all so far known about the plot. We can only wait for new information from the crew that will not take long.