Ripper Street Season 5 release date – 2017


The series Ripper Street started with the first season in 2012, and this dramatic story was appreciated by viewers. Since then, were released a few seasons and now everyone is interested in the question whether the fifth season will take place.

It is worth noting that the show’s popularity was falling every year, and reducing the episodes quantity did not help, as well as change of the channel, which aired this project. It is not surprising that this project was canceled after five seasons, and it was announced that the project will not be extended. But this also means that the fifth season will be, and the new series will be released in early 2017.


This series tells the story of the events of the late 19th century, that is the story of Victorian England, it was a dark and difficult time, because then the streets wielding a cruel Jack the Ripper. Of course, it’s not the only problem, but still a terrible maniac strikes fear and panic in the inhabitants of the city. And now the main characters of the series are combined to stop the Ripper.

So, season 5 will be the last, and it’s no wonder the ratings continue to fall, and it makes no sense to renew. The new series will be released as early as 2017, but the exact release date is unknown.