Scream Queens Season 2 Release – Fall 2016


If you want to know whether the show Scream Queens is renewed for a second season, we want to make you happy. This project has received recognition from critics and was able to hold the audience’s attention. All these factors, as well as a stable rating spoke in favor to extend of the series for a second season. Although at the moment an exact release date was not announced, we can assume that this will happen at the beginning of the next television season, that is, in the autumn of 2016.


The focus of the audience is on a terrible comedy, the format of the show can be described only in this way. A series of horrific incidents, namely the brutal murders rocked the entire student city. Something or someone is killing the girls, who live in this town. What does this mean and who is behind these terrible events? These questions will be the basis of the storyline of the first and subsequent seasons.

The cast of this show have to be well known for the audience, as the project involved a lot of famous and popular television actors.

Do not miss the release of the second season, which will be held in the autumn of 2016.