Seene: application for three-dimensional pictures on Android


An interesting application has become available for the owners of Android mobile devices. Seene allows you processing images to transform them into three-dimensional shots.

This is not an ordinary program, but a small social network similar to the Instagram. The service offers a very interesting functionality (including voiced support for the 3D format).

A few decades ago popular calendars with stereoscopic images were sold. Seene creates a similar effect. The principle is simple – the project uses a gyroscope built-in into the smartphone. Any rotation of the device is considered, allowing to view the image from different angles.


To get a three-dimensional picture you have to point the camera at the subject and gently “circle” it with the phone. You’ll have to have a little practice, but the results are worth it. You are allowed to post comments and leave “likes” under the published “masterpiece”.

Recently, the software was used only by the owners of Apple devices (running iOS). Now, the creators decided to release a version for Google operating system.

You can download Seene on Play Market for free.