Shameless season 5 release date premiere 2015

Shameless season 5 release date premiere 2015
Fans of Shameless can’t wait to watch new series of the popular show and ask when season 5 is to start. Showtime announced that they were going to renew it soon. The new episodes of «Shameless» will be available for watching in 2014 with a premiere date already known.

When will Shameless season 5 start / premiere date?

Release date: january. 2015

About «Shameless» show

The television series was immediately announced to be renewed for season 5 as soon as season 4 of «Shameless» had started on TV.
This prompt and definitely well-thought decision can be explained by considerable increase in fans quantity. In comparison with the premiere of the last season the amount grew by almost 8%. Thus, 12 new episodes of the show were ordered. The premiere date of the first one is set for January 2015.
New actors of «Shameless» were immediately offered to extend their contractual agreements for one year more. Experts are pretty sure however that season 5 of the show has no chances to be the last one. The fan’s support grows daily making the show one of the most popular and expected ones.
Will the fifth season will be the last? We are waiting for season 5 Shameless together!

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