Sherlock 4 season release date premiere 2015

Sherlock 4 season release date premiere 2014
We know when season 4 of «Sherlock» is going to premiere on TV and we are ready to share with the fans of the show its release air date in UK. As they say – Show must go on! And one can enjoy the new breathtaking episodes soon in 2014.

Channel: BBC One
Created by: Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss
Pilot episode date: 2010/07/25
Episode 1 Season 1: 9.23 million viewers in UK
Episode 1 Season 3: 12.61 million viewers in UK

When will Sherlock season 4 start / premiere date?

Release date: January. 2015

About «Sherlock» television series:

Creators of the show made its fans happy by announcing the renewal of the TV series for Season 4. It’s quite predictable however as there is no single reason for closing the popular project. One of the creators of «Sherlock», Steven Moffat, confirmed that the coming fourth Season is not going to be the last one as the increasing number of viewers and fans in the entire world makes it being financed for many years to come.

The actors of the TV series expressed their firm decision to keep starring «Sherlock» and announced official signing of contractual agreement for 3 more episodes. It was also noted by the stars that the present format of the show (3 series in each season) is just perfect for this project because it makes its fans to long for more and more.

Benedict Cumberbatch also added that he would like to see his character in «Sherlock» aging but doubted if the franchise was going to be extended. Season 4 release date is scheduled for broadcasting for update 1(most likely on Christmas) and according to one of the creators of the project all the fans will be able to enjoy 3 really exiting episodes.

Is the TV series resurrection surprising?

The show was announced to have official renewal with a Special Twist. Shooting is to start in January 2015. Production on the fourth Season is scheduled for later coming year. Will the fifth season will be the last? We are waiting for season 2 Sherlock together!

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