Shooting of the seventh season of Game of Thrones has begun


The shooting of the seventh season of Game of Thrones started in late August in Northern Ireland. Starting of production occurred two months later than usual – because of the ensuing winter in fantasy saga by HBO, the snow is require in the frame and cold weather.

The delay at the start of the production cycle will affect the release date of the new series on air. The authors will not manage to finish work by the usual for fans April premiere. HBO will start showing seventh season next summer. For the channel it is great damage in the battle for the Emmy, a major US television award. Traditionally, outstripping the nearest competitor by several buildings, HBO will lose a significant proportion of nominations in next season awards. This year’s Game of Thrones is presented in 23 categories.


The duration of the season is reduced to seven episodes, against the ten in previous. The final eighth season will consist of six series altogether.
In the list of directors of the new episodes consists of a veteran of the series, Alan Taylor, who returned after a trip to a great movie (Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness, Terminator: Genesis), Jeremy Podeswa (today took four episodes – one for the fifth season, and three for the sixth ), Mark Mylod (four episodes, two each in the fifth and sixth seasons) and rookie Matt Shekman, chief – 39 episodes! – production of the favorite series of creators of Game of Thrones Bennioff and Weiss – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who also worked in Fargo, Madmen, and House M.D.

The cast ensemble will join the Oscar winner Jim Broadbent, who will perform the secret role.

Apart from Northern Ireland, the crew will also visit Iceland and Spain.