SigmaCall – a New Application for Worldwide Calls


1425409896Promising young company “Sigma Networks” developed an application SigmaCall for calls around the world on significantly lower tariffs than those offered by mobile operators for international calls and roaming. On March 1, 2015 the application was released on Google Play.

SigmaCall app is not unique, but has a number of advantages compared with existing analogues on the market. The main one is the low cost of calls, which makes it attractive not only for people who often travel abroad, but also for small companies seeking to significantly reduce communication costs for their employees.

It is enough to install the SigmaCall app to your smartphone from Google Play and register it to make calls. Starting balance will already be in your account and will allow testing the application. SigmaCall has a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to make international and long distance calls quickly and easily. Balance can be topped up directly from the application using a bank card, electronic money or other popular payment methods.


One of the advantages of the application is the ability to see real rates to call when dialing which will allow you to know exactly how much will marked off from your account. No matter where are you calling – the cost of the call will be always the same and depends on where you are calling.

Another huge advantage is that calls can be made both to mobile phones and to landlines, while it does not matter whether your conversation partner uses the SigmaCall app or not – it is enough it to be installed in the smartphone from which an outgoing call is made. With the SigmaCall app you will always be in touch wherever there is access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G.

To date, version of the application is only available for Android, but is already being prepared a version for iOS.

Sigmacall download on Google Play.