Sleepy Hollow Season 4 release date – Fall 2016


Mystical series Sleepy Hollow has recently launched a new third season. What should the audience of the new season wait for? What’s future of the project? The focus of the audience is in the soldier from the time of George Washington named Ikabord Crane, who somehow mysteriously transported in our time. And now Ikabord helps the modern police to cope with ancient evil that has also returned.

It should be noted that since the first season, things have changed. The first series were only timid steps, but now the show is moving forward steadily. The concept has changed, and the story got a new direction. In the third season, some ancient god will rise and will become the main antagonist of the season.


So, while it’s too early to assume anything, you can hope that Sleepy Hollow will be extended for a fourth season. The series has an interesting plot and good ratings. The creators of the series are not going to slow down the pace, and confidently introduce new characters in the storyline. All this suggests that the series is at the peak of its popularity. It is understood that once the interest subsides – the series will be closed, but it will not be this year.

Spectators are waiting with hope to extend the ad series in the fourth season, which will be released this fall.