Strike Back is waiting for reboot

Аction series Strike Back will survive the renewal in the sixth season. British channel Sky1 and American Cinemax are planning to return show closed in 2015 with new characters in the foreground.

Strike Back is a serial thriller about the activities of a secret division of British intelligence special forces. The series has once experienced the change of the protagonists. After the first season, where the main roles were played by Rіchard Armitage аnd Andrew Lincoln, future star of The Walking Dead, and was a “transition” second seаson, in which the authors have introduced new agents played by Philip Winchester as well as Sullivan Stapleton. Those lasted until the fifth – supposed to be final – season released last year.

According to rumors, Strike Back will turn out of the story about the companions in the “ensemble” action, where at the forefront would be a whole team of heroes (see Fast and the Furious franchise), which is to fight against the main threat to the world today – banned ISIS organization.
Disbanded on orders from above, section 20 is restored in their rights after it became aware of the escape from prison of a terrible terrorist. The new team is on the trail of a villain, simultaneously revealing a secret conspiracy that can change the idea of the modern methods of warfare forever.

Casting sheet of the new season is headed by: Warren Brown from the Luther series, Roxanne McKee, Aline Sumarvata and Daniel MacPherson. Jack Lothian is the author of the script and restart showrunner. He took part in the creation of the Strike Back fifth season.

Filming will start this year.