TappLock – smart lock recognizing fingerprints


If you are tired of the usual locks, triggered with a key code or using a smartphone – note the TappLock.

This solution has a fingerprint sensor. The device is opened by a fingerprint.

The device operates for 3 years without recharging. Built-in battery even allows you to “revive” the phone when needed.

Recognition happens quickly – in 0.8 seconds. Big family? Many friends? TappLock stores up to 200 prints. The right people will not remain without access.


No problem with the use on the street – housing is waterproof.

To set the product, there is a mobile application. Synchronization is performed by Bluetooth 4.1. The power supply is dying? There will sound a special notification.

Normal version of TappLock costs 49 US dollars. Furthermore, modification with replaceable batteries is available. It’s called Lite and is available at 39 USD.

Pre-orders are accepted on Indiegogo site where prototype’s authors raise funds for mass production.