Tesla Model X Crossover will be released no earlier than the third quarter of 2015


Californian carmaker Tesla Motors fueled interest in the most anticipated new product – crossover Model X -announcing market appearance of commercial cars is delayed again. Previously, it was promised that the crossover will be available in early 2015, but recently the company’s representatives informed the postponement of six months. According to the pronouncement, official release of Tesla Model X is now going to be held not earlier than the third quarter of 2015.

Company experts allege the unforeseen delay with the fact that they need more time to test and configure the crossover production line. Company CEO Elon Musk said that the main principle of the company is to be 100% confident in the new product, and therefore it is unacceptable to market a model which has not been fully tested.


According to the official figures, now is the final stage of prototypes testing and preparation for production of pre-production samples. The work on the power plant has already been completed, and the twin-engine all-wheel drive technology has already been tested and implemented in all-wheel drive modification of sedan Model S.

For crossover Model X a similar all-wheel drive system is announced, in which the front and rear axles will be supplied by individual traction motors. Power plant capacity and its individual components have not yet been disclosed.

By the way, this is not the first postponement of the Model X presentation. Earlier market appearance of model was planned for the end of 2013, but then it was postponed until 2014. Then financial considerations were called as the main reason.

Last summer Tesla representatives reported that work on the model goes according to plan, and announced the acceptance of pre-orders. The first production samples were due to the owners in early 2015.