The Adventures of Tintin 2 – release on December 16, 2016


By December 2016, the release of the continuation of the animated film The Adventures of Tintin 2 is being prepared. Fans of animated films have been waiting for the premiere of the interesting movie for a long time and here it is – on December 16th, as a gift for the New Year, its premiere will take place. According to the producer of the cartoon, the sequel is being shot and its name became known: The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun. Also, the producer of the movie was Steven Spielberg, too. Thanks to released comics, the first cartoon has become very popular: it was shot according to them.


It is clear from the name, that the protagonist of the film is a boy Tintin. He has a loyal friend, a little doggie – Mila. The first part anecdotes and adventures have happened to them. In the second part, a little boy Tintin is pulled back to new adventures. In this part, the audience will witness how the boy gets captured by the Indians. While being captured by the Incas, Tintin will be in danger, and even a certain death will threaten him. But the boy is very smart and cunning: he will be able escape from captivity and return home safe and sound.

Fans of the cartoon will be able to see it on the big screen of movie theaters, enjoy the continuing adventures of favorite character the next year.