The Big Bang Theory 8 season release date premiere 2014

The Big Bang Theory 8 release date premiere 2014
The premiere of season 8 of one of the biggest comedies on TV «The Big Bang Theory» is about to start and we know the exact date!

Briefly about the show:

TV channel: US CBS
Creators of the show: Bill Prady, Chuck Lorre
Episode 1 of Season 1: 9.52 million viewers in the USA
Episode 1 of Season 7: 18.99 million viewers in the USA

When will The Big Bang Theory season 8 start / premiere date?

Release date: September 22. 2014

About «The Big Bang Theory» show

Management of the CBS channel where the show is being broadcasted took the decision of renewing «The Big Bang Theory» for 3 seasons at once! This means that the television series with so many fans is going to be on air in 2017. Thus, one shouldn’t worry about the future of this show during the coming couple of years.

Nowadays the popular television series is said to be watched by approximately 19.8 million American fans weekly. The rights holders already suggested it to be the best and most popular TV sitcom. The scheduled date for premiere of Season 8 is announced for September 22, 2014. The airtime however is to be rescheduled due to the football matches TV broadcasting.

Will the 8 season will be the last? We are waiting for season 8 The Big Bang Theory together!

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