The Deadly Tower of Monsters: the game in the style of trash-cinema

Tower with dinosaurs and nuclear ants from the creators of Zeno Clash


Chilean studio ACE Team, known by the ability to create games with the extremely pretentious setting, announced its next project – action The Deadly Tower of Monsters. The game will be available this fall on PC and PS4 and will make the players to rescue a distant planet Gravoria. And not just survive, but on the set of a cheap sci-fi movie of the previous century.

Dick Starspid (who is this guy?), Scarlett – space diva with a dark past and a robot – that’s a team of adventurers landed on a deserted planet Gravoria.

From now on, the only chance for them to leave the planet is to climb to the top of the Deadly Tower of Monsters, which is famous for, you will not believe, its lethality and tendency to be filled with monsters! Human-lizards! UFO! Nuclear ants! Dinosaurs! Robot Monkeys! All these horrors await our brave adventurers on their way to the top of the tower. Will they be able to avoid the tragic death? We will learn this fall, just on PC and PS4!


A key feature of the game, in addition to the insane entourage, should be the fact that the heroes of the game are climbing the tower. And if you climbing somewhere then there can be falls too. But developers are encouraging players not to be afraid of the free fall – falling into the right place, you can open new locations and find “an incredible treasure”. Of course, the game will include a wide variety of weapons and equipment for the characters, switching between them will be in a save point.The Deadly Tower of Monsters will have co-op mode, but nothing specific on this point have not been announced by developers.