The First Avenger 3: Civil War release date – May 6, 2016


All fans of superhero movies and Marvel Comics are wondering about when will be the third part of the movie The First Avenger. Fortunately, the creators of the movie do not keep it a secret, and with skilled rumors, posters and official trailer just trying to whet public interest to the new film. The film won the title Civil War and will be the first picture of the so-called third phase of films. The picture will be released on the big screen on May 6, 2016.

Starring Chris Evans will be used again. He became famous for his work on the image of the valiant Steve Rogers, who became the hero Captain America.


The storyline of the third movie will be based on a comic book series called Civil War. This time, the Avengers will not resist the dangerous enemy from the outside, they will not have to fight the evil artificial intelligence, such as Ultron, or to protect the world from the invasion of an alien race. This time it’s different. The Avengers will face each other. It all started with the fact that Steve Rogers refused to recognize the state law that all superheroes and people who have some supernormal abilities must be registered and to cooperate with the secret police. According to Captain America, it is a violation of civil liberties. But Tony Stark does not agree with him. He is supporting the approval of such a law. It is sowing discord in the Avengers team, and yet on the horizon are new threats.