The Lamb release date – 2017


The following year, at the world’s screens will appear another cartoon by the Sony Pictures studio under the name The Lamb. The creation of cartoon was inspired by Christmas tradition in Christianity. The exact date of the premiere is not reported, but certainly the film will be released before the end of 2017.

The main character of the animated film The Lamb is not difficult to guess – it’s a little lamb. The action takes place on the eve of Christmas, bright holiday, when the fairy tale and the most incredible miracles happen alive. Lamb is still quite small, but he believes in good and always comes to the aid of friends… These qualities allow him one day change the world for the better.


What exactly have to make a little lamb, and how it is related to Christmas, is not yet known. However, there is no doubt that this cartoon is very good and bright. Not only children should watch this beautiful fairy tale, but also adults, and best of all – watch The Lamb with a whole family. We can only wait for next year and the premiere of the animated film The Lamb in theaters.