The Mentalist 7 season release date premiere 2014

The Mentalist 7 season release date premiere 2014-2015
If you were wondering whether CBS is going to show new episodes of «The Mentalist» season 7 – join us! We also long for its air date start and do hope to hear good news!

About «The Mentalist»

  • TV channel broadcasting: CBS
  • Pilot Episode date: 2008/09/23
  • Created by: Bruno Heller
  • Episode 1 Season 1: 15.60 viewers in the USA
  • Episode 1 Season 6: 9.70 million of viewers in the USA

When will The Mentalist season 7 start / premiere date?

Release date: 30 November. 2014

CBS channel management took decision to renew all the major projects, with an exception for «The Mentalist». It’s clear that financing of the TV series is of a big question for its creators. Due to The death of Red John in the Season 6 the amount of the fans decreased sufficiently.

Despite the fact that at this moment the right holders along with screenwriters of «The Mentalist» are in the process of discussing the further development of its plot, nobody can predict what will be in the end.

Despite the fact that millions of fans are in expectance of new Season 7 to be scheduled and the premiere date of it to be set, there was no official announcement of this kind of information that is for sure crucial for the project viewers.

The CBS made an official announcement of Season 7 production. Will the 7 season will be the last? We are waiting for season 7 The Mentalist together!

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