The Town of Light – a horror without monsters and creaking doors


A small group of developers, who had settled in Florence, is preparing to release on PC on February 26, 2016 a psychological horror adventure The Town of Light dedicated to mental illness. The game, according to the developers, will have nothing mystical. As far as possible with the main character, a schizophrenic, of course.

In the center of the plot of the game will be Psychiatric Hospital Volterra – medical institution, once operational in the Italian Tuscany. Volterra, as well as many other institutions of its kind, was closed in 1978, after the impressionable public to pay attention to the questionable practices that clinic staff used to “treat” patients.

The player will assume the role of a former patient of clinic Rene (fictional, of course), who hit the wall of the hospital in the age of sixteen with schizophrenia, and many years later to revisit the walls of the deserted house of mourning. Driven by the voice of the protagonist, the player will wander around corridors of the hospital in search of things that can awaken memories of the main character, and will help her to understand what happened here many years ago.

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The developers promise that the plot of the game is nonlinear and depends on the player’s actions. For example, when finding notes of the doctor involved in the treatment of the heroine, it becomes clear that version stated in them does not coincide with her memories. Depending on how player will behave in this situation, Rene can either put all the blame on the doctor or become completely entangled in her thoughts and get depressed. Detailed recreations of asylum interiors and plenty of documentary evidence scattered across the levels of the game should give atmosphere to the game. And for greater depth of immersion into the game world, The Town of Light will support the Oculus Rift.