The Walking Dead 5 season release date premiere 2014

The Walking Dead 5 season release date premiere 2014
One big question puzzles the minds of millions viewers in world – whether «The Walking Dead» will be renewed by AMC for the next Season 5. We are ready to answer – the season is to premiere already in 2014! Want to know the release date?

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Release date:October 12. 2014

About the TV series:

Channel broadcasting: AMC
Created by: Frank Darabont
Pilot Episode date: 2010/09/31

Episode 1 Season 1: 5.35 million viewers in the USA
Episode 1 Season 4: 16.11 million viewers in the USA

Show «The Walking Dead» which had a really fussy premiere on AMC was announced to be officially renewed thus all the fans will soon enjoy Season 5 of this project.

It had a real support and stable interest of millions TV viewers, so the new episodes of the TV series were funded. The main and most exciting even in the new Season is expected to be the return of Scott Gimple as a showrunner.

The President of AMC channel, Charlie Collier, announced that new long expected episodes of coming Season 5 are scheduled for October 12, 2014. The management of the channel ordered 16 new episodes to be produced for broadcasting.

What a great relief for all the fans – «The Walking Dead» is to be continued! Enjoy! Will the fifth season will be the last? We are waiting for season 5 The Walking Dead together!

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