There will be no Windows 11!


As recently as last year, IT-industry studied the information about the new operating system from the world-famous company Microsoft – Windows 10, which is being prepared to the release at the moment. The new operating system continues to surprise with innovations, but at the same time there was an official statement from the head of Windows development Gerry Nixon that after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft will stop developing of the new operating system, but will continue to update the innovative Windows 10.


From now on, after the official release in July this year of a new development of Microsoft, the operating system will only be updated, no one is going to create new ones, for example, Windows 11. Thus, Microsoft plans to completely withdraw the operating systems that were released earlier within 5-10 years (except for Windows 8) from the use worldwide.

This does not mean the closure of the company or Windows project, no, they will continue to pursue its activity as successfully as before. According to experts, the new way to distribute Windows will be a breakthrough in the fight against piracy, despite the fact that Microsoft now allows users of Windows 7 and 8, 8.1 to get a special upgrade to Windows 10 for free! Certainly, it is the most generous act in the history of Microsoft.