Three Steps Above Heaven 3 release date premiere 2015

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Three Steps Above Heaven 3 release date premiere 2015
Three Steps Above Heaven 3 release date premiere? If nothing changes, everything goes as planned in the schedule of the crew, the approximate release date – February 2015.

When will Three Steps Above Heaven 3 premiere date?

Release date:Rumored, February 2015

About Three Steps Above Heaven 3

“Three Steps Above Heaven 3″ – the most anticipated project of the Spanish film, a genre melodrama. The main hero of the story is Hugo “Ache” Oliver. In his life, everything went awry, until fate brought him to a girl named Babi. Their first meeting the girl is not very much, but it has changed their lives forever. When will it even planned shooting another tape melodrama “Three Steps Above Heaven Part 3″? Probably yes. A similar question at least once, but ask any fan of the movie, the genre “sequels.” If you’re one of those fans, this is news for you.

The plot

About the script of the film is known not much, but a lot of rumors and suggestions. Film «The Three Steps Above Heaven Part 3″ will be a direct continuation of the existing picture, not the beginning of a new franchise. The writers have, how to work on a story that a new franchise was not worse than it was the previous one.

The film starts with Hugo ‘H’ Olivera voicing his thoughts about the ongoing trial where he’s being prosecuted for assault on his mother’s boyfriend. Let off with a fine of six thousand euros and a warning that further offenses would land him in prison, he walks out of the courtroom, switching his formal coat to a leather jacket and rides off on a Triumph Thruxton 07.He sees Babi Alcazar for the first time at a traffic intersection, on her way to school. He is immediately attracted to her as she sticks her face out for air and whistles before calling her a ‘Dog-Face’. He rides up to her car window and takes her hand. A stunned Babi manages to give him the finger before driving off.


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