Toy Story 4 release date – June 15, 2017


For the cartoon lovers there are great news. Directors Josh Kelley and John Lasseter continued to shot wonderful animated film Toy Story 4. The film will be released in the United States on June 15 2017. Forgotten by all nice and funny story again draws fans in cinemas. Old cartoon characters again surprise young fans of the cartoon. The picture will last about 90 minutes.

Actors playing: Annie Potts, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks and others. They said in interviews that they are very pleased to take part in this hilarious cartoon. Each imagine themselves to be a part of this toy and trying to express their feelings to their viewers.


Actions will be developed sequentially, as before. Heroes will again fight for justice and show viewers that they are ready to overcome all the difficulties together. Woody and Buzz, as everyone knows, are the main characters. They went in search of a toy. Cartoon is pretty interesting. You can visit it with your family and enjoy the watch. In previous films, the characters have already proven how one can achieve success together and go through all the difficulties that come across on the way. What will happen next, we will learn after a while. It only have to wait for the premiere.