Toyota Prius Prime 2017 will be in the open market in 2017


Toyota Prius, no doubt, is one of the most popular hybrid on the planet. Previous model literally outshone its rivals with its modern design and high adaptability. The new model with a label Prime surpasses its “little sister” in virtually all aspects – Toyota engineers did their best. Updated Prius was introduced not so long ago at the World Exhibition in New York, but sales of the car, even in Japan, will start only in early 2017.

In addition to the spectacular design that really “catches” the eye, Prius Prime 2017 sets record of petrol consumption – 1.96 liters per 100 kilometers. No other hybrid installation achieved such an impressive result. Moreover, only on electric traction car can stretch 35 kilometers, which is almost 2 times more than its predecessor. The car is capable of delivering 135 km/h.

Another big plus is the fact that the Prius can be charged from a conventional wall outlet, complete to the car is a special cable. No stations and additional equipment is needed. In sum, with a tank of 42 liters of gasoline, the car, when fully charged and a filled with gas, is able to overcome 960 km.

The whole, car turned on the five-plus, although the cost is not reported. What do you think, how much Japanese will assess their creation?