Toyota RAV4 2016 release date


The Auto Show will soon take place in the New York, where will be introduced a new model of Toyota. It will undoubtedly attract the attention of many drivers and buyers all over the world. Model is called Toyota RAV4 and on the one side this is an expensive updated crossover, but on the other hand – one of the best representatives of the entire line.

Updates of the model touched a lot of different nuances and were pretty substantial. Changes and improvements concerned the appearance of the car, such as front and rear bumpers, grille updates, as well as a choice of new colors.


The interior of the car was changed, upholstery materials were improved, as well as new equipment was added.

Nevertheless, the new model Toyota will become a new word in science and technology, so to speak. More information in relation to the power units of the new model and its market value will be available later. At the moment, many have been able to appreciate this model at an auto show in New York. Soon, this car will go on the free market and drivers will be able to buy it all over the world.

This SUV will win the road all over the world in the near future.