Two Broke Girls season 6 release date – waiting for announcement


Two Broke Girls – the name somehow alludes to the piece of the plot of the series. And it’s true. Two girls Max and Caroline work as a waitress in the retro style diner. And each of them has its own intriguing story.

Max is a simple girl from a poor family. She works at two places in day and night shifts to survive somehow in one of the most expensive countries in the world – the United States. All history is tied to the night shift of Max in the same retro diner, where she meets a new waitress.

Caroline – once very wealthy girl, easily as a falling fluff sank to the bottom of the social ladder. Now she works as a waitress in a cheap cafe, earning a handful of tips. Unfortunately, she cannot do anything more original, because she got used to get everything and always.

And The Cronuts

Initially, Max did not believe that such an inexperienced girl will turn out to be a good waitress, but later she sees not just a good colleague in her, but also a great friend.

Caroline, in turn, seeks to climb the corporate ladder again and start her own business. And once she sees how wonderful Max bakes cupcakes. This was their obsession for joint business.

And while the girls save tip, we are waiting for the continuation (Season 6) of this wonderful series, which is scheduled for autumn 2016.