Updated Toyota Land Cruiser 2016


The updated model Toyota Land Cruiser was one of the nicest gifts for all drivers and especially for fans of the Toyota brand. This version of the model was eagerly awaited around the world, and in the summer of 2015 an official release took place. Although in this version there is nothing fundamentally new, yet there have been some important changes, both in the external appearance of the car, and in the technical specifications.

Externally immediately noticeable are changes in front of the car, in particular narrowed optics, changed hood.

Cabin has become well-equipped, has been modified and improved steering wheel and better materials used as finish.

This range consists of various types of motors and different units. For example, there is the V8 petrol engine, 4.6 liter volume that allows you to have 318 horsepower.

More information on this model and on further projects of Toyota can be found on our website. In the future, more information will be available. Be careful and do not miss the most interesting news and the latest updates.