webOS 3.0 – the new operating system for LG TVs


LG Electronics continues to improve webOS purchased from Hewlett-Packard in the spring of 2013. On the basis of a platform are now working smart TV of South Korean manufacturer.

The next generation of the system is ready for release. The official announcement of version 3.0 has already taken place.

When TV panels based on the novelty will be presented? At the exhibition CES 2016. The event started on January 6 in Las Vegas, US.

How will webOS 3.0 please users? A number of improvements is large enough.

A separate music player and program IoTV to control a smart home are added. And smartphone connection to a TV is supported as well (to run mobile software on the big screen).


In addition, there are new features Multi-view and Magic Zoom. The first allows you to watch two channels simultaneously, and the second – to increase individual objects and inscriptions (without degrading the image as a whole).

We should also mention the assistant Channel Advisor prompting interesting programs. In addition to the above, there is Channel Plus with free content from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Conde Nast Entertainment, TIME and other sources.

The remote control Magic Remote has also been enhanced.