White Collar release date season 6 date premiere 2014

white collar season 6 premiere date
White Collar release date season 6 date is known. When there will be continued this serial?

The plot of the series revolves around two completely opposite personalities. Which nevertheless have to work together. Although they are dependent on each other, each pursuing its own goals. Criminal genius – Neal Caffrey, wants to find a lost love and do not hesitate to pocket as much money. Unfortunately for him, the FBI was a man who was able to see through all his tricks and even put you in prison Peter Burke.

During the game of cat and mouse, these two personalities have agreed that the agent gives the Nile in search of his time only. Instead, an experienced swindler helps in capturing a number of individuals, better known as “White Collar” – dangerous and at the same time cunning criminals.

When will White Collar season 6 start / premiere date?

Release date: autumn, 2014 year.

The series is currently at the peak of popularity and the audience literally requires continued. Therefore, channel management and hastened with the announcement of season 6, to appease fans. Adventures of this strange duo will continue for at least one full season. Expect the unexpected plot turns and new actors in the series that according to the writers further increase the interest of the viewers to the series.
New episodes can be seen in the fall of 2014. For more information about the date of the translation start of the first series of the season 6 of the series “White Collar” will appear closer to the summer.

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