World War Z 2 release date – June 9, 2017


Release date of the second part of the movie World War Z became known. The sequel, which is currently under development, will be released on June 9, 2017. This can be quite confident to say, because they were made official statements and disclosed some details in relation to the second part.

In general, it is worth noting that many considered the first part of the picture clearly failed. This is not surprising, given what problems have arisen with the picture at the stage of shooting. Controversy of Brad Pitt, who starred in the film, with the director Marc Forster, repeatedly exceeded planned budget, as well as a complete change in the ending pattern shortly before the premiere. All these were warning signs that foreshadowed failure.


But everything happened quite differently: the film was a success at the box office, and the audience liked it. For Brad Pitt this film became the highest grossing success in his career, as throughout the world charges amounted to over 540 million. And that’s with a budget of 190 million.

Now it became known that the film will get a sequel, and we will know the continuation of the story. Actor Brad Pitt will return to the role of Gerald Lane, although all the other plot details are kept secret. To work as a director was involved the Spaniard Juan Antonio Bayona, who is now engaged in other projects. Shooting will begin only in 2016.