A Young Doctor’s Notebook 3 season release date premiere

A Young Doctor's Notebook 3 season release date premiere
British television comedy “A Young Doctor’s Notebook,” was able to conquer millions of viewers back in 2012. The main character – a young and inexperienced Vladimir Bomgard who recently learned not entirely on the doctor and rides in a small Russian village. Here he will be helping strict but experienced nurse Anna, a young midwife Pelagia and funny paramedic. And very soon we will see season 3!

When will A Young Doctor’s Notebook 3 season season premiere date?

Release date: January 2015

About «A Young Doctor’s Notebook 3 season»

A Young Doctor’s Notebook” – a great idea that has attracted the most diverse public. Most people today do not understand what was at that time the medicine and how doctors cope with patients. Through this series, we get the opportunity to see how it all happened.

During the two years of existence, the series gained a huge public acclaim and brought no small profit to its creator. Perhaps this is what led’s idea of the third season. Unfortunately, all the details are still unknown, and the same goes for the release date on the screen. One can only assume that he will be able to please in early 2015.

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