YouTube Red – meet the new Google service with a paid subscription


Google decided to run a paid service YouTube Red, which will offer users a completely different YouTube instead of the one to which they are accustomed for $10 a month. Paid service will be released from advertising, and will also offer subscribers a variety of nice bonuses like new shows from the famous video-bloggers. YouTube Red is launched already on October 28, 2015.

You are probably wondering, “Why is Google’s new service called Red?”. After all, there is already such a popular porn site as RedTube, which can cause quite mixed feelings. Whatever it is, the leadership of the company has an answer for you:

Robert Kyncl; YouTube

“During our conversations with fans of the service, we concluded that YouTube is associated by most people with red color. In addition, many people associate red color with love, and with the red carpet. And if you ever wonder, we have little interest in the similarity of the name of service to of the other site, which you think about,” – says one of the leaders of the service during a press conference.

In addition to the absence of annoying video ads, subscribers of YouTube Red will get access to TV shows and movies from the famous video-bloggers and channels. Such as PewDiePie, Joey Graceffa, Fine Brothers Entertainment, CollegeHumor and others. Moreover, if the popular channels and video-bloggers refuse to sign the agreement with Google concerning their participation in the program of YouTube Red, all their videos will be removed unilaterally. This is done in order to fill a paid service with content as soon as possible. In addition to access to these videos, each subscriber will have access to the streaming music service YouTube Music, which will soon begin its work, and to a gaming service YouTube Gaming. Another useful feature is the ability to view videos offline.