American Dad! (TV Series)DVD

Stan Smith is an all-American father who just happens to work for the CIA. As a top-notch agent that is constantly on stand-by for the next terrorist attack, Stan also must deal with the antics of his whacky family. Francine is Stan’s wife; a past party-girl that has hidden away her boozing antics for the sake of her modest husband. Steve is Stan’s son; the dorky guy that tries to act super-cool to impress his dad, but fails miserably every time. Then there’s Haley, Stan’s daughter; a hippie chick that has turned into a left-wing liberal specifically to spite her father and save her own little world. The Smith family also has the privilege of housing a sarcastic, cross-dressing alien named Roger, and a German goldfish gone wrong named Klaus. Lust, love, family, friendship, and crude humor is only the tip of this family’s iceberg!

Rating: TV-PG imdb: 7.4
First air date:February 6, 2005
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation
Release Date:November 7, 2017

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