I Am Number Four 2 release date premiere 2015

I Am Number Four 2 release date premiere 2015
Relese date I Am Number Four 2nd part is still unclear, but there is information. The first part of the budget was 60 million dollars. Viewers from around the world appreciated the film positively, so that the box office has collected 144 million. After the appearance of the picture on the screen, many film lovers became interested in a possible release date for the continuation of the story.

About the I Am Number Four

According to information recently received from Marti Noxon (the man who wrote the screenplay), the date of the premiere of the second part is postponed indefinitely. According to him, the picture can see the light in 2015.
Is not all movie fans know that the film “I am the fourth,” based on the novel. The authors of this creation are science fiction writers Joby Hughes and James Frey, who in the wake of the success already publish a sequel in the form of two books. One of them is called “The Power of Six”, and the second – “Rise of nine.” Each of the books has the potential to become the basis for the second part of the film.

When will I Am Number Four 2 start / premiere date?

Release date: According to rumors, 2015

It is hoped that the numerous requests of fans will be heard, and the creators of the films to think seriously about its continuation. A good role model can serve as the film “Veronica Mars”, as his shooting was made possible solely by donations from fans of the series of the same name. From the above it can be concluded that the chances of reaching the screen, “I Am Number Four 2” is very high. The project looks promising, so that the prime minister probably is not far off. We wait together!

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